Members Pages Here you can find a list of our current members and links to their personal pages.

Who We Are...

We are Secretaries, Managers, Veternarians, Artists, Grandparents, Mom's, Dad's, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters.

But we all have one important thing in common, we each love collies! Some of us own 2, some of us own 5, some even own as many as 16! In addition to our beloved collies, a lot of us own other animals. We own cats of many breeds. A couple of our members even breed cats. We own horses, we own Corgis, Shelties, Ferrets, Birds, Fish. You name it, one of us has probably owned it at one time or another. We love animals of all kinds. But, as the club name implies, we LOVE Collies! Be they Rough or Smooth, Sable or White, Tri-color or Blue Merle, we love them all.

As one member said; "...we have been infected with an incurable disease, known in medical science as 'Collie Syndrome'..." and we hope they never find a cure!

So, you don't have to be a person who only shows collies. Or a person who only enters obedience trials and such. You JUST have to be a person who owns, or is looking to own, a collie to join our club. We have members throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, and beyond, and hold our monthly meetings in the Quakertown, PA area. This not only gives us an excuse to get out of the house, but keeps us open to the world at large. The world beyond collies. (if there IS one) ;-D.

Where We Are...
We are a club that was chartered in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

But in today's smaller world, since we have an even distribution of members from Philadelphia all the way up through Stroudsburg, we meet in the Quakertown area once a month (With a couple of months off in the summer.).

We even have a full member that currently lives in California.

Here you'll find a list of the most recent updates to this website. (At least those I remember to add)

23 June 2012 - Edited Match Show photos. Created photo gallery. Updated side banners on all pages. Uploaded photo gallery. Updated other items on 'About', 'Events' & 'Home' pages.

10 June 2012 - Updated Pages; Home, Events & About.
- Created new Google based maps so people can more easily get their own directions to our event sites and not have to depend on pre-written generalizerd directions.

-Failed at recovering corrupted photo folder from the May Specialty Show. (New system in place!)