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Allergies May Be Prevented By Owning Pets Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, a new study shows that children who grow up with pets in the home have a reduced risk of developing common allergies.

First Aid Basics. You should always exercise caution when dealing with a sick or injured puppy, including your own! Any animal in pain may bite, so it may be wise to muzzle your puppy before you attempt any first aid. You can use a scarf, sock or soft towel. Have your veterinarian demonstrate this process to you at your initial visit.

Ivermectin Mystery Solved! Widespread use of the medication and popular belief that even large doses can be safely given to dogs, led to a new problem especially prevalent in one breed - Collies. A recent study by Dr. Katrina Mealey at the College of Veterinary Medicine of Washington State University has identified that the problem...

A Mutated Gene Researchers studying a single mutated gene in Collies have discovered that breed's family tree includes not only several herding dogs, but a couple of sight hounds as well, tracing back to a single animal that lived in England prior to the 1870s.

Nutrition. Puppyhood is the time to establish good eating habits. Never feed your puppy food from your table or supplement his meals with anything other than an occasional commercially prepared dog treat. Supplementing is not only unnecessary, but can be harmful, unless there is a medical need.

Summer Heat Wisdoms. Dogs and cats that play all day during the cool months may find themselves slowing down when it's hot outside. Don't push them too hard, particularly when they start panting. Pets don't always know their limits. We have to put the brakes on for them.

Taking Your Companion's Temperature. Whenever you think your dog is looking or feeling a little low, taking their temperature will give you some answers. But you can forget about under her tongue or under her armpits. The way you take your dog's temperature is with a rectal thermometer. (It is highly recommended to purchase one JUST for your dog.)

Toxic Plants. Here is a list of toxic plants, and other flora, that will adversly affect your companion. This list will continue to grow (like a weed I hope) as I gather more information.

Vaccinations. Newborn puppies receive disease-fighting antibodies in their mother's milk. However, these antibodies normally last only six to 16 weeks.

Vet Care Basics. Regular visits to your veterinarian should begin soon after weaning or as soon as you acquire your puppy. Puppies should be vaccinated against canine diseases and checked periodically for worms and other parasites.

Why Neuter (A personal story from one of our members) I just couldn't think about putting my best friend through something that, well, was unthinkable to any guy. Something all guys consider the center of their manhood. I couldn't threaten that... could I?